The Australian forest

Australia’s forests are composed mainly of eucalyptus. They are exploited for the production of precious wood, water catchment, protection of fauna and flora, andgreen tourism. Only a small part of Australia is covered by forests, andreforestation programs are undertaken in some areas. The extensive forests, in regions west and east of South Australia, where hydrométire is the largest, is highly productive. It can find exotic species widely used in the inductrie wood and paper.

Did you know :
Koalas feed almost exclusively on the leaves and bark and fruit ofvery specific species of eucalyptus. They are among the only animals with ring-tailed possums (Pseudocheirus peregrinus) and large gliders (Petauroides volans)to be able to eat eucalyptus.
Did you know Forestry Tasmania: deforestation napalm
Off Australia, Tasmania is still home to beautiful forests. Yet these forests are disappearing under the bulldozers and chainsaws at a rate of 44 football pitches / day … When the big trees cut, helicopters drop bombs with napalm to burn and destroy all strains of plant biodiversity as animal. Some time after this Apocalypse, young fast-growing exotic trees are replanted.This brave little trees will be straight and well qualibrés for the industry! Then, to preserve the young trees and tender shoots of animals, the forest industry has notfound anything better than poison. Height of sophistication, they use the compound in 1080, a chemical nerve agent developed by the Nazis. The practiceis very effective. Incidentally the poison spreads through the environment and water. In 2004, loan of 100,000 animals were found poisoned. Deforestation in Australia | Tasmania: Napalm deforestation (from The Earth From Above – Everything is alive, everything is connected)

Dramatically, those places that were once lost paradise with all the wealth ofanimal and plant biodiversity original, in complete indifference. Tasmania has lost 75% of its original forests. Marsupials such as wallabies, the opposums orTasmanian devils exclusively Australian species are endangered.

Un diable de Tasmanie

Did you know : In Australia, the heart of the oldest forest in the world With 800,000 visitors a year, the Daintree National Park remains the most visited site in the country. The dream of budding botanists in search of palms, ferns andother eucalypts. 2000 species of trees and different plants have been recorded.Queensland, in north-eastern Australia, remains one of the wildest areas of the country and preserved. Its primary rainforest, the Daintree Rainforest, the approach125 million years. One of the oldest sanctuaries in the world, older than the Amazon rainforest, aged 10 million years!

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