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CAP Working Holiday

You have just been granted your Working Holiday Visa for Australia, Canada, Japan, New-Zealand, Singapore or South Korea ! You are now looking for a health insurance that will cover you in the event of a sudden and unforeseeable accident or illness.

With Cap Working Holiday you will benefit from a complete medical insurance (medical expenses and unlimited hospitalisation refunded from the first Euro and with no excess), repatriation assistance 24/7, and important benefits in the event of an incident overseas (luggage insurance, legal assistance, civil liability).

Cap Working Holiday covers you for accidents which occur while working (under a work contract and/or woofing), while practising high-risk sports like scuba diving, surfing, rock climbing (except aerial sports – see exclusions) and while on holidays.

The policy covers you everywhere in the world, within the dates of validity of your Working Holiday Visa. 

Main benefits :

  • Repatriation assistance (24/7) in real costs
  • Medical expenses and unlimited hospitalisation with no excess ! (even for a common cold). You are also covered if you go back to France during your holiday (less than 30 consecutive days)
  • Search and rescue expenses: €5,000
  • Early return of the insured (return ticket)
  • Return ticket and expenses for the stay of a close relative
  • Civil liability overseas. Physical injury: €4,500,000 ; Material damage: €450,000
  • Cash advance €500
  • Legal assistance
  • Luggage insurance €2,000
  • Death benefit (€8,000) or disability benefit (€ 40,000)
  • New: you will receive a €30 daily allowance if you are in hospital.

CAP Student

For your studies, language course or internship overseas, leave well covered by choosing the Cap Student health insurance.  Medical expenses can be very expensive in the United States, Canada, Asia or in Australia. For example, in the USA, a benign operation will cost you €4,000 a day in intensive care.

The CAP Student insurance covers unlimited medical expenses with no excess. Your medical expenses will be refunded from the first Euro even for a common cold throughout the world.

With CAP student, you will benefit form a 24/7 repatriation assistance and an essential civil liability insurance.

You will be covered when you travel for a holiday of less than a month, before, after or during your studies.

Cap Student is a health insurance which covers you through many internship and exchange programmes such as Leonardo, Erasmus, Comenius or even with the Occupational Training Visa.

Main benefits :

  • Repatriation assistance (24/7) in real costs
  • Unlimited medical expenses with no excess! You are also covered if you go back to France during your holiday (less than 30 consecutive days) and for pre-existing pathologies if you have not received any treatment in the past 6 months.
  • Search and rescue costs: €5,000
  • Early return of the insured
  • Civil liability overseas: €5,000,000 ; Material damage: €450,000
  • Luggage insurance €2,000
  • Death benefit (€8,000) or disability benefit (€ 40,000) in case of an accident
  • Termination of studies option. This option costs 4% of your tuition fees.

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  • Merci pour les renseignements, je ne savais pas qu’il me fallait une assurance avec mon PVT pour l’Australie… maintenant je suis rassuré :)

    • Il te faudra obligatoirement une assurance durant ton séjour en Australie n’hésite pas à souscrire maintenant via notre site pour bénéficier d’une réduction de 5% sur le prix de ton assurance.

  • super complet pour les assurances pour l’australie avec un pvt whv plein d’info et bon prix a la fin avec les -5% , c’est cool ;)

    • Oui ça vaut vraiment le coup pour avoir son assurance en Australie avec ton visa jeune travailleur! merci pour le message Théo

  • Je viens de prendre mon assurance pour l’Australie avec mon WHV j’espère vivre la même aventure que vous! Petite réduction toujours bonne à prendre pour mon projet!

    • Oui Cédric la réduction pour ton assurance en Australie avec ton visa VWH (PVT) est toujours valable puis les tarifs ont évolué cette année!

  • Ok j’ai pris mon assurance Australie avec votre lien j’ai touché une petite réduction de 30euros je confirme ça marche!

    • Oui Thomas la réduction sur son assurance pour l’Australie est d’environ 30euros en ce moment c’est toujours ça d’économisé!

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