The adventure Alcheringa is a proposed expedition to Australia.

With the help of a van (appropriately equipped) for 8 months we will cross the magnificent landscapes of Australia and we will be meeting with local communities. We will try to understand what the issues are related to the future of this country while having the features of living beings that inhabit it. HowAustralians perceive the future of the various territories they inhabit? What do theyanticipate future problems they may encounter? We will answer these questionsthrough a series of documentaries and photo essays. Our team is skilled mainly in agriculture, we will try to investigate these issuesthrough topics related to agriculture, its impact or its development into newproduction systems. Nevertheless, our curriculum has enabled us to acquire many valuable concepts in various fields such as ecology, land use planning, resource management and energy …

That’s why we will also explore topics that areperhaps not directly related to agriculture but whose relations with nature are indisputable. The itinerary is not fixed because we are waiting for answers from our Australiancontacts. However, we believe that it will not remain static, as it will obviously besubject to the constraints of the terrain and the vagaries of our meetings. Alcheringa, so it’s eight months of human adventure, science and sport exciting,and it is also an opportunity for us to complete a project dear to our heart and to share our experiences with our correspondents in classes and with the rest of the world!

The departure is scheduled for November 2012.

The objectives

The objectives of this project are many:

  • Achieve a documentary series;
  • Understand what are the peculiarities of Australian territory, some of these ecosystems;
  • Meet the people to know the way they look at their country and its future;
  • Share our findings and educate the public through reports photos and videos;
  • Train young people by carrying out in common, by making presentations of our adventure once back in France;
  • Sports and the challenge that human can have such an adventure.

The selection of Australia

The reasons which influenced the decision to take Australia as a destination are manifold: Australia is a huge country. It gathers its territory a wide variety of climates and different ecosystems, ranging from rainforests to the driest deserts. Australia also has many parks and nature reserves. Its natural heritage is particularly rich. Agriculture is a major hub of the Australian economy. His productions are diverse, and many of them are similar to those found in France (beef, mutton, gardening, wine …).

This is more a state pioneer of organic agriculture, particularly through the WWOOF * (1600 hosts real networks in Australia). Australia suffered in recent years an unprecedented drought, familiarly called “The Big Dry”. This country is therefore a fertile ground for research regarding the future of water resources and improving its management.

Finally, this destination offers many practical advantages:

  • English is spoken throughout the country.
  • The Working Holiday Visa (WHV) enables young people aged 18 to 30 spend up to one year on Australian territory in an affordable, combining paid work and tourism.
  • Many tourists seek to make their journey by van. The potential acquisition of a vehicle are numerous.

* The WWOOF (“World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms”) is a global network of organic farms in England created in 1971 which intend to welcome anyone wishing to share their lives and their work in exchange for room and board.

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