Notre deuxième job en Australie
Alcheringa is a term referring to the Aboriginal “Dreamtime“, a time when all forms of life belong to the same vast and complex, constantly interacting.
Président : Corenthin Chassouant
Vice-président / Trésorier : Thomas Fungenzi
Secrétaire : Alexis Pivard
Secrétaire adjointe : Isabelle Corredera


Présentation aux écoles de notre projet en Australie

As students in agriculture, and Thomas Corenthin are aware of the challenges ofthe twenty-first century. In order to raise awareness vis-à-vis the problems it mightencounter, the project aims Alcheringa always be a source of knowledge transfer. Such an adventure must above all have an educational effect. This is why the team chose to be in contact with the schools and universities. Different levels will be involved: primary school classes to students in our engineering school throughcontact with students.

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The adventure Alcheringa is a proposed expedition to Australia.

With the help of a van (appropriately equipped) for 8 months we will cross the magnificent landscapes of Australia and we will be meeting with local communities. We will try to understand what the issues are related to the future of this country while having the features of living beings that inhabit it. HowAustralians perceive the future of the various territories they inhabit? What do theyanticipate future problems they may encounter? We will answer these questionsthrough a series of documentaries and photo essays. Our team is skilled mainly in agriculture, we will try to investigate these issuesthrough topics related to agriculture, its impact or its development into newproduction systems. Nevertheless, our curriculum has enabled us to acquire many valuable concepts in various fields such as ecology, land use planning, resource management and energy …

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